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TV Recommendations

If you've tried to order any of the books listed in previous posts, chances are that they are sold out and on backorder. THIS IS GOOD THING! This tells me people are trying to learn more and be better.

Now, while you are waiting for your books to get shipped, dive into one or more of these television series while you wait. Last night the show Black-ish re-aired landmark episodes “Hope” and “Juneteenth”. I want to echo that those episodes as well as “Black History Month” are great places to start.

Over the next few days, expect more recommendations on documentaries, movies, and podcasts centering around the conversation of race, the judicial system and allyship

1."Black-ish", "Grown-ish", and "Mixed-ish" (Available on ABC,HULU, Amazon Prime, and YouTube TV)

  • The American sitcom "Black-ish" follows th Johnsons, a Black upper middle class family as they balance personal and sociopolitical issues. Its spin-offs "Grown-ish" and "Mixed-ish" center around oldest daughter Zoey Johnson and their matriarch Rainbow Sojourner Johnson, respectively.  Though it is a sitcom, don't let them fool you. The Johnsons get DEEP when it comes to tackling social issues surrounding being black in the United States. Now, every episode ends with a powerful take-home message, but I want to highlight these episodes specifically for anyone looking to learn more and strengthen their allyship.

Still not convinced? Here's some specific episodes to get you started:


- S1 E1 - Pilot

- S1 E12 - Martin Luther Skiing Day

- S2 E16 - Hope

- S2 E24 - Good-ish Times

- S3 E4 - Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Man?

- S3 E16 - One Angry Man

- S4 E1 - Juneteenth

- S4 E12 - Bow Knows

- S5 E10 - Black Like Us

- S5 E14 - Black History Month

- S6 E3 - Feminisn’t

- S6 E11 - Hair Day


- S2 E17 - Strictly 4 My…

- S3 E6 - Real Life S**t


- S1 E3 - Let Your Hair Down

- S1 E7 - Puttin’ on the Ritz

- S1 E12 - It’s Tricky

- S1 E13 - Pride (In the Name of Love)

- S1 E16 - She Works Hard for the Money

- S1 E17 - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

2. "Dear White People" (Season 1 &2) (Available on Netflix

  • "Dear White People an American comedy-drama television series on Netflix that follows several black college students at an Ivy League institution, touching on issues surrounding modern American race relations. It is based on the 2014 film of the same name"

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