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Image by Mark König

The Why


Cornerstone Conversations was founded on the idea that all learning and education are all rooted from one thing: Conversation. The mission is to provide an educational platform of up-to-date information for the general population. Content is centered around the seven dimensions of health in order to achieve wellness. To be a member of the Cornerstone Conversations community is to be people-oriented, education-driven, and principled their practices.


The vision of Cornerstone Conversations is to provide a space for life-long learning that ignites and invites conversation. 


All contributors are qualified within their respective fields voluntarily share nuggets of wisdom for all things health from physical to spiritual. 

Why "Cornerstone"?

Deep meaning to the word "cornerstone". Also referred to ask the "foundation stone" or the "setting stone" is the first to to be to be set when constructing a building.  The position of the entire structure is dependent on the cornerstone as all other stones are set in reference to it.

Much like our health, it is a foundation must be set to ensure our wellness. It is important to take the time to build a solid foundation to put us in the best position to live healthier lifestyles. Our habits, our environment, and our knowledge serve as our cornerstone to do so.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Story Behind The Logo


Why a heptagon? Each side represents a dimension of health required to achieve wellness.  The "C" represents multiple things.  Yes, on a surface level the "C" stands for "cornerstone", but upon a deep analysis it stands for so much more. It stands for consistency. It stands for change. It stands for conversation.  All things that are necessary if you want to live a happier, healthier life.

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