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Guest Spots!

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LPP 06: Multidimensional Health and the Mind Body Connection with Christie Idiong

I was invited to sit down with college counselor, Sarah Miller on her podcast 'Leading Passionately". We dive into the development of Cornerstone, the importance of establishing a purpose statement, the brokenness and beauty of our healthcare system,the discomfort that comes with growth and development and more!

"The Leading Passionately Podcast seeks to answer two questions: What makes a good leader? And, what does it mean to lead passionately? Boston-based counselor and leadership junkie Sarah Miller speaks with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and educators to answer these questions as well as call attention to the incredible work being done to transform the approach to management and leadership development."

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Episode 42: Vaccine Hesitancy

I was invited to chat with PhD student Anna on hers and her best friend Danny's podcast The Rule 63 Podcast. It was awesome to talk about what I've learned with vaccine hesitancy, how to change your algorithm, and opening up the dialogue for those on the different sides of the vaccine conversation!

The Rule 63 Podcast is a space where two friends Anna and Danny sit down to talk media, LGBTQIA+ issues, US politics, and more!" Consider supporting their Patreon for the full interview, and live Q&A. 

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Carving your Cornerstone with Christie Idiong

Host, Cinematographer/Videographer, and self-employed creative ​Matt Collamer likes to nerd out on philosophy, psychology, and entrepreneurship. In this podcast, he sits down with entrepreneurs, creatives, and many more to talk about their paths of self-discovery and transformation. In doing so, he hopes to equip his listeners with new, unique mindsets and processes on inner self and better world


In this episode I sat down to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of technology in our current day culture. I shared some of my philosophical views, the value of religious core values and how we can directly apply them in our lives.

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