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The Dimensions of Health

Scroll down to explore the definitions of the 7 dimensions of health

Physical Health

"Shape and size of your body, how responsive and acute your senses are, and your body’s ability to function at optimum levels"

Emotional Health

"The ‘feeling’ component"
"Ability to express emotions when appropriate, and to control them when not"


Spiritual Health

"Creating and expressing meaning and purpose in your life"


Social Health

"Ability to have a broad social network and maintain satisfying interpersonal relationships with friends, family members and partners"

5. Occupational.png

Occupational Health

"A sense of satisfaction with your choice of work while balancing work and leisure time."

7. Environmental.png

Environmental Health

"Understanding how the health of the environments in you live, work, and play can positively/negatively affect you"


Intellectual Health

"Ability to think clearly, reason objectively, analyze critically, and use brain-power effectively to meet life’s challenges are part of this dimension"

Image by Ashkan Forouzani
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