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Image by Chris-Håvard Berge


Hi I'm Christie Idiong, educator, PhD student, and founder/creator of Cornerstone Conversations. I have my BS in Health Sciences/Public Health with a minor in Business Management and my MS in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention. 

As a student, I had the opportunity to work various healthcare settings leading me to pursue my interest in human behavior/behavior change theory, motivation, and movement science.

The last 4 years, I have a been teaching Health&Wellness, Cultural Competency, and Research in higher education. 

 We prioritize what we value. We cannot value what we are not taught. This is why teaching is my passion. It is my philosophy that quality service is people-oriented, education-driven, and principled in practice.

Shout out to my Mom, for instilling the Cornerstone philosophy in me. 


Headshot courtesy of @daaniphotography of @spin_and_shoot

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