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A lot of exciting life updates to share, #ButFirst There are a lot of people who listen to this podcast that would label themselves leaders. Though this has been recorded earlier, It will be out on Inauguration day, 2 weeks following the incited insurrection and attempted coup at the United States Capitol building. Dr. Shante Cofield (known as the Movement Maestro) and Dr. Jennifer Hutton (known as Dr. JPop) summed up leadership pretty well in saying that “part of being a leader is creating a safe space.” Our language is a foundational piece of that statement. When we remain vague and don’t name events that happen we aren’t doing that...we aren’t creating a safe space. Sometimes you need to make a stance. We all seek safety so if you are not providing that, do individuals a favor and call a thing a thing to give them a chance to get to safety. Ultimately with this podcast, the website and the social media accounts, I hope that you all feel a sense of safety. Safe to ask questions, safe to learn and step outside of your wheelhouse so you can confidently have those tough conversations and not shut down. I wanna spread the platform as far as it can go, so my call to action. Follow, subscribe and like this podcast on whatever platform your listening too. Leave a review, leave a rating. And share your favorite episode with 3 of your closest friends.

Alright. Season 2 let’s get it.

When people hear that I have a podcast their obvious first question is: What is it about? And that an absolutely valid question that I realized was difficult for me to answer. This space is nothing like any other. It’s in health & wellness yet you listen to the episodes that i have already published and the episodes that are to come, it is as obvious with all of them.. The connection that health and wellness would have with the topics being discussed.

The best way to describe the Cornerstone Conversations podcast is where Health&Wellness meets Society&Culture. Though separate the 2 are not mutually exclusive. We are reimaging what we have always known to be health and what it means to be healthy. This includes as I have said before ALL dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, and environmental. Thoughts that I have had in these scopes are being challenged in order to gain not only cultural competence, but cultural humility. I do not know everything. I may know a lot of things, but not everything and I want to be having those dialogues to talk through questions I have with someone who may have already gone through that processing or has a deeper wealth of knowledge.

With that being said(on that same topic of knowledge), the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting acclimated to my latest adventure. I’m pursuing my doctorate in Health Promotion Sciences. I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to use my talents and skills that I acquired in my Masters program regarding Instagram use, behavior change theories and adherence and grow more in the field of research and being downright curious.

With my assistantship, I work in a lab that always has a project to work on, a new skill to be obtained and I CAN'T WAIT to absorb it all. I have cycled through probably every emotion known leading up to my first day, from pure joy to crippling fear of failure to disbelief. Everyday thus far, I go to bed elated knowing that I have made the best decision ever. 1) to achieve my professional goals and 2) Overall happiness.

And who knows that change, I could be wrong… I’ve been here before pursuing my doctorate of physical therapy, and it didn’t end the way I wanted...but looking back it ended the way I needed. GRANTED that is years following that I am able to reflect on that and my time allowing me to find the silver lining.

But it is 2021 now, and I am actively going to try and practice radical happiness.. Not to be confused with toxicity positivity, but Radical Happiness. The reason it’s radical is because there’s now an expectation that “It’s too good to be true.” ... and I want to try to not wait for the other shoe to drop. I’m not going to try not expect the worse…I’m gonna try keyword TRY to just enjoy the moment

Some of us left 2020 crossing the finish line triumphantly with our arms in the air. Some of us crossed the finish line crawling with singed clothes and arrows in our backs. Lost people we loved whether it be physically or differing ideology. We had to adapt and alter traditions that we grew up loving or grown to love.

Generally, my solo episodes have been in reaction to a lot of current events, I don’t see that changing, but I also want to open it up to some lessons that I’m learning along the way. Like I said, I have been in this position before. Grad school is one of the most uniquely stressful environments that someone can put themselves in. And if you are not careful knowing your stressors, and identifying non-negotiables when it comes to your health, whether that be getting 8 hours of sleep every night, or making time for hobbies that fill your cup … It can crush you like I mean demolish you. From me it’s having a cutoff time to answer e-mails and not trying multitask during meals doing work. So that means I can grind all day, but the 30-45minutes that I’m eating breakfast, lunch or dinner...I’m not doing work I’m not grading papers, I’m not reading articles. I’m eating. Maybe I’m watching YouTube or something, but it’s my time to let my brain recharge.

A personal goal of mine is to continue being mindful of my caffeine intake which is I guess is a great segway for my next announcement. I consider myself a pretty casual coffee drinker. I don’t drink everyday and the days I do it’s rarely more than 1 cup. And that is mainly because when I did start drinking coffee it was when I was going through PT school I would overdo get the jitters be wicked focused for maybe an hour and then crash.

A lot of my listeners are in that demographic of avid coffee drinkers, healthcare providers, students, professionals in education etc. yanno they enjoy their coffee. With that, I am really happy to announce that Cornerstone Conversations is now an affiliate for Strong Coffee Company.

Why Strong Coffee? You just said you're a casual coffee drinker...well first, their mission. STRONG actually stands for an acronym. Striving To Reach Our Natural Greatness., some other things that attracted me to Strong Coffee that pushed me towards this affiliation.

  • It’s an instant coffee, which works well with my lifestyle. I never drank enough coffee to feel it was worth buying a keurig or a coffee maker. It’s a powder consistency kinda similar to a protein powder. All you need is one scoop, add cold water for cold brew, hot water for hot coffee, stir pop on an episode of Cornerstone Conversations and enjoy!

  • I love transparency. Every item they sell on their website provides a detailed nutrient label with each ingredient so you aren’t left wondering what’s in it and you're not buying it online before you know what’s in it. Bringing me to my 3rd point

  • The contents in it. Like I said it’s an instant coffee, but it’s packed with some really good stuff:

  • 15g of collagen protein,

  • medium-chain triglycerides(MCT) which contribute to memory and function, theanine to counteract the jittery effects of caffeine and increase focus

  • Hyaluronic Acid for the joints

  • Ashwaganda, Electrolytes, minerals, neurofactor

  • So not only is there body stuff in there there’s brain stuff too. Not a medical advice podcast so of course not everybody is the same so I definitely encourage you to look further into the ingredients to ensure there aren’t any negative effects if you are on any medication

I got a Sample Bundle they have multiple flavors to appeal to different preferences. So I was able to try out the Black coffee, the Morning fix (which is on the sweeter end), the sunrise, (which is a Matcha blend), and Daybreaker (which if I had to compare it, I would say it’s like a mocha). They honestly are really good. I was kind of shocked how much I actually liked it. I’m gonna get more of the Black just because I like my coffee black, but

I plug all of that to say, if you are an avid coffee drinker this is what I’m gonna suggest: Just try it. In my family we have a saying “Attempt all questions” Buy the Sample bundle, figure out:

  1. Is this something you like? If yes

  2. Which one do you wanna buy more off?

For being a Cornerstone Crony, you get 15% off at checkout just use promo code STONE15. A little thank you for sticking with me. And you can use that code on any item, not just coffee. Maybe you just want a mug or a cool tee.

This season is a little heavier focused in the dimensions of Spiritual health and Environmental health. It wasn’t on purpose it just kind of shook out that way. Who knows maybe each season will have a primary focus idk. It's really hard for me to not just send all these convos at once. THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM FOR YOU TO HEAR THEM. But we get deep and I wanna give you all that week to absorb the wisdom from the person before. So be patient gosh darn it!

Every listen, download, share, like, comment….I appreciate all of it. I would never have envisioned Cornerstone to be what it is today without your support. I appreciate it so much like it doesn’t even cover the amount of gratitude. Thanks for sticking with me. So with that I will with.

If it doesn’t serve your greatest highest good, it claims no space in your life. It’s good to have a great day go be great.

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