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Can you really say that you started from humble beginnings, if your first episode wasn’t recorded in your parents basement?


What is happening Cornerstone Cronies,

It’s a good day to have a good day

If you’re just joining Cornerstone, welcome. If you are already familiar with Cornerstone in some facet whether that be through interactions on social media or the blog, welcome back. This is one of the many concoctions I’ve been cooking up “in the lab”.

I’m really excited to be sharing this project in particular, it’s been 4 years in the making. A few years ago I was commuting close to an hour to get to my job as a chiropractic assistant and I came across the TedTalk Radio Hour podcast. That not only passed the time, but made me feel as though I was optimizing my commutes to learn new things. New behavior theories, concepts surrounding wellness and the multiple dimensions of health, public health and so on. I found that I was really drawn to the conversational formats like TedTalk Radio Hour, Armchair Expert … It’s a part of the reason that this culture, this concept was named Cornerstone Conversations

The origin for the name comes from the idea that conversation is the catalyst for change. A cornerstone is the first stone or brick that is set when constructing a building. It’s the reference point for all on the stones of the structure. So if it’s off/crooked the building runs the risk of having a poor infrastructure and longevity. Growing up my mom used to reference the bible verse Psalm 118:22. “The stone that the builders rejected has become the head cornerstone.” Sidenote: it's also a Bob Marley song. I digress.

My goal is to have a variety of conversations with a wide spectrum of people across multiple disciplines. Friends, colleagues, academics, strangers and just downright interesting people. I’m also going to sprinkle some solo episodes in as well because I do believe that some of the most important conversations we can have is with ourselves where we reflect and be introspective. I’m aiming for interviews to last around hour. Solo episodes I’m planning on keeping under 25 minutes.

I want to hold a level of integrity where facts are just that: facts. So I will be utilizing the Show Notes for any additional info, recommendations from guests and myself, contact info and Fact Checks. So when I go back an edit and find a discrepancy, I’ll own up to it in the Show Notes.

Ultimately, the goal is to invite conversation and ignite thought-provoking realizations through education-driven, people-oriented, principled practices. Just like the intro said.

Hit subscribe so you never miss another miss episode, follow the social media listened in the Show Notes, give me a rating and share this podcast with people who you think could benefit.

Haven’t really finalized a sign-off so i guess just than I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening

Call your mom. Tell her you love her.


  • Some of these conversations will most likely go WAY over an hour

  • Honestly tough for me to reel me in when I get ranting so I may go over 25 minutes

  • Not all my interviews will be serious. Some will have light-hearted topics as I am a strong believer in balance.


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I have all my guests use headphones with a microphone. I use the Samson Q2U microphone.

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