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"A Black Problem, Our Problem, Human Problem"

#ProtestPic courtesy of Saybrook Soul Sweat 's Courtney Eliza

Protest Attended: New Haven, CT (June 5, 2020)

"Was in New Haven today for the BLM peaceful protest.

I think, if you are able too, everyone should attend at least one. No matter where you fall in the issue just go to one.

It’s easy to look away and say it’s not our problem.

And to group all protesters in with looters and rioters and look to them with anger instead of compassion.

And to make it a Black problem instead of a human problem.

But when you see a little boy whose terrified and confused asking questions like why don’t I matter and when will I become a threat... and I mean really see it. Not just through facebook

or a repost or the news. To be there in person and to really see it and feel it...

Well maybe then we’ll realize we can’t look away because a piece of humanity is broken and we need to try to put it back together.

& shout out to the police that were there today, it was peaceful on both sides, as it should be. 🙏🏼"

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