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It. Has. To. Stop.

Alexandra was moved in marching on the newly painted Black Lives Matter Boulevard.

Protest Attended:

Washington, DC

Here what she had to say: "It’s hard to find the words for participating in this day. When going to the women’s march, it was for women’s rights and our rights to choose and our bodies = our choice. This felt SO much different. Black people don’t get a choice, other people are choosing whether they get to LIVE or not - this isn’t a rights issue. This is a humanity issue. The “hands up, don’t shoot” chant made me cry; every single time. I truly can’t imagine, and that’s my ignorance, in the true sense of the word, and my white privilege. It hit me really hard. Watching the little girl on her daddy’s back screaming that her life matters and not to shoot her? I KNOW her parents don’t want her to grow up because the amount of signs that said, “when do I go from cute to being scary?” I felt that, from that little one by walking with her and her family. Around minute 2:50 into the video, I felt profound sadness, but power, from the man charging through screaming the “I can’t breathe” chant. I will never forget that man, he is in me and I will forever channel him with the work that I do to be better - he’s in raging pain and It. Has. To. Stop.

We came together to take a moment of silence for all those not able to be there, we lifted our hands with fists of strength and we demanded for justice. In the midst of all the anger I feel about how far we HAVEN’T come, we all introduced ourselves to one another and we were united; a family. People supporting people and lifting each other up. There is not a moment that goes by where I wish I could feel that feeling all the time. This day gave me true hope that we will have a better tomorrow but we have to keep going. I will not stop." #MakeABetterTomorrow #BlackLivesMatter #CornerstoneConvos #ProtestPic #WashingtonDC #SocialHealth #PhysicalHealth #IntellectualHealth

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