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#YourPhotographyBae - Amber Marie Green

Protest Attended: Chicago, IL (May 30, 2020)

"God gave me the responsibility to make sure the story is told accurately and honestly. PHOTOGRAPHY DOES NOT LIE. Look at the photos very carefully. The truth is right there."

Here is the story behind the photos that have now gone viral: "During yesterday protest (when it was still peaceful) I was taking photos in the streets when a car pulled up next to me honking its horn in solidarity. But what I saw in the backseat brought me to instant tears.... A woman holding her infant son while crying. She kept encouraging him to look at all the people fighting and protesting for her baby boy’s existence while she wept because she knows her sons reality. As a mother of a black boy myself, I knew exactly what her tears meant. I don’t know this woman, yet our tears speak the same language of anger, pain, and yes, fear for our sons. But yet we were both out there ready to fight for ours sons. As the car started driving off, me and the mother locked eyes, gave each other the nod of the head, and we both put our fist on the air.✊🏾 #yourphotographybae " #WhyWeMarch #BlackLivesMatter #CornerstoneConvos #PhotographyBae #SocialHealth #IntellectualHealth

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